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Jonatan Bäckelie | Subsecular Arts 2.0

The subsecular aims to conceptualize the experience of religion being forced into submission by a hegemonic secular culture. Attempts have been made over the years to speak of a “postsecular condition” and the “return of God” to critique the secularization thesis and to emphasize the continuous role religion plays in culture, politics and so on, but while the postsecular implies an understanding of religion and spirituality which at best is defined by the contours of the secular, the subsecular breaks open the discourse on religion to liberate human spirituality. Rather than allowing for secular society and its established values to dictate the terms for what religion could be, the subsecular accentuates the Spinozist notion that we do not know what a body can do.

Christopher Rodkey | The Madman

In this episode of TCM, Preston Price and Matt Baker speak with Christopher Rodkey, United Church of Christ pastor and religious educator, professor, and author. He is pastor of St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, and teaches at Penn State York, York College of Pennsylvania, and Lexington Theological Seminary. You can check out his author page on Amazon here.

We Have The Unconscious That We Deserve

Life is the anarchic and continuous creation of unforeseeable novelty, and theology is the premier discipline that nails us down as subjects amidst the forces at play. Unfortunately, the theological enterprise has since its inception been permeated by a reactive desire to invoke a transcendence to which immanence effectively can be attributed. The functioning of theology has thus been to exercise power over life; to judge and to crucify the novel, singular and rare in accordance with established values, which is why the secular revolt against theology in the West was critical.