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Sleepwalking with Spinoza

There is a relationship between Spinoza and Deleuze comparable to the embryo and the fetus. What is presented in an embryological form in Spinoza, receives flesh in Deleuze. Here the question of categories and the brain is (incompletely) being traced from Spinoza to Deleuze. More precisely, the categorization that the brain engages in when encountering the world outside the skull bone.

Deus ex Machina | Moralism, Obedience, Desires

There is, according to Bergson, a continuous creation of unforeseeable novelty which seems to be going on in the universe. However, the human inclination to posit an original nothingness which precedes being prevents us from asking metaphysical questions that accounts for this novelty, rather we tend to create inert and enclosed images of life that presumes to know what bodies can do.