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Crossing Borders

In a recent interview with Swedish television, the French president Emmanuel Macron was asked why young people in Europe are drawn to extremist ideologies and terrorism. In his answer Macron mentioned that there is a crisis within the Islamic religion, which I believe is correct, but what truly stood out for me was when he continued by saying that there is something fundamentally wrong with our European society since young people who are born in our countries are attracted by propaganda exclaimed by extremists and terrorists over the Internet.

The Will To Power Turned Upon Itself

A common trait among progressive political activists is the assumption that the will to power translates to coveting authority over established institutions, and that politics can be reduced to an ongoing struggle for authoritative power between oppressors and their victims

The World Produced by the Imagination of God

Henri Bergson writes that humankind suffers from the habit of asking poor metaphysical questions. His claim is that by proceeding from emptiness to fullness; from non-being to being, we raise non-existent problems that imprisons our minds, and consequently prevents us from recognizing the continuous creation of unforeseeable novelty. What is at issue here is the natural proclivity of the human mind to work upon a phantom of duration rather than duration itself. The overwhelming tendency to confuse the less with the more has thus, according to Bergson, resulted in a quest for a supra intelligence outside of time, when in truth our understanding is already disconnected from the mobility of the real.

Desert Islands

Straining under the weight of their unimagined constructedness, the cathedrals are sinking into the earth, the immense pressures extending outward and against our tunneling activities beneath the citadels, pushing our roots outward in all directions, energizing our rhizomatic networks with new life at every turn. [continue reading]