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Mystery of the Unspoken

The incarnation is the key, distinctive theme within Christianity. It is through this lens that we see God in our particular way. God becomes human. Does God therefore forget He is God? Traditional theology, theologies of confession, seems to suggest, through the motif of a multiplicity, a three-in-oneness, that God simply does not forget, but takes up anew a novel portion: creation. God becomes that which God created. Yet, this puzzle remains unsolved. How does the uncreated become perishable, the infinite become bounded by space and time? We may endeavor to concede that this is a mystery, and it is here where we begin to transform our confessions, words on a page perpetually inscribing our desires, into a darkened hush which falls from our lips.

Crossing Borders

In a recent interview with Swedish television, the French president Emmanuel Macron was asked why young people in Europe are drawn to extremist ideologies and terrorism. In his answer Macron mentioned that there is a crisis within the Islamic religion, which I believe is correct, but what truly stood out for me was when he continued by saying that there is something fundamentally wrong with our European society since young people who are born in our countries are attracted by propaganda exclaimed by extremists and terrorists over the Internet.